A Brief Introduction to Chinese Institute of Digital Assets (CIDA)

Founded in April 2018 in Beijing, the Chinese Institute of Digital Assets (CIDA) will conduct comprehensive research on all aspects of Implementing technology, ideology, theory and policy of Digital Assets, specifically including:

•       Scientific principles and technical basis of Digital Assets.

•       The structure of Digital Assets, and new patterns of investment, capital and finance triggered by Digital Assets.

•       The causal relationship between Digital Assets and inflation & deflation, and its significance to national monetary policy.

•       Digital Assets and globalization, state taxation and government administration.

•       Influence of Digital Assets towards economic systems, economic organizations and regulatory & legal systems.

•       The “parallel” and “interactive”(coexistence) mechanism of the system of Digital Assets and that of conventional assets.

•       The economic significance of Digital Assets and the revolution of wealth creation and accumulation.


As an independent institution of theory, application and experiment on Digital Assets, CIDA will be the fountainhead of the spirit of reformation, exploration and innovation, laying equal emphasis on technology, theory and application with a global perspective, and dedicated entirely to forging a leadership of concepts and practices, meanwhile converging points of interdisciplinary academic research and thought. In the light of the principles of “adequate linkage, deep discussion, and multifarious development” with a new type of platform for the breeding and nourishment of novel technologies, models and industries that must come into being without further delay.